“Dear Stranger,” 

- writer / director -

- short film -

- coming soon -

"Dear Stranger," is about a fiery young girl who has grown up in a very isolated, controlling and bland environment. To cope with her lack of independence, Viera develops a friendship with a unlikely pen pal - a prisoner serving a life sentence for murder.

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“Something I've Never Shown You Before”

(chaper 9 - alone together) 

- writer / director / animator  -

- interactive website -

- coming soon -

"Something I've Never Shown You Before," is an interactive website that allows visitors to identify and connect with others by selecting the emotion of their choice and by logging and reading personal experiences.

This project is very much in its early stages, for more info please contact.

"Channel 999 & Channel 1000"

- writer / director / production designer -

- short film (15:17) -


 Ava suffers from an immense lack of self-confidence and as a result has always observed life from at a distance through a pair of binoculars. To cope with the missing relationships in her life, she develops the delusion that empathy works a lot like a television network in the sense that everyone has their own channel and frequency. Later, she realizes someone she has been watching needs her help and that she must get over her greatest fears in order to save them.

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