a  heavy home


my heart is so tight it's silver strings shiver themselves into a crescent like knot, pulsing with orchestrated lightning


the metal floats within my core and names my bones porcelain 


my body gives way to the metal moon and basks in its frigid light, 

embracing its weight and the comforts that come with being tangled

watery memory


the sea of tears and the sea of sweat crash against my skin

filtering through me in slow-motion.

I begin to quietly sink, making the sparkling surface whole again.

Flecks of foam hug my shoulders once I fully submerge myself into him.

I leave nothing behind but my remaining breath.

i wasn't expecting you


seconds flee me as grains of sand filtering through my clasped hands, falling to the edge of what I have just recently realized.

Everything moves faster.

The end is nearing

and approaches my naked back like the night shadows- quiet and invisible.

talking to you


He wrapped his thoughts like a present for her,

his kind words rested at the bottom of a naples-yellow colored box and were tied together by an emerald green ribbon.

She opened them, and what a gift they were.

in bed


i whispered what-ifs to the pillow case beside me and continued to breath into the empty room.

lonely together



what do you do when you feel lonely or when you feel small?

do you hang up the phone? do you wipe your eyes and fan them with a postcard that was sitting on your desk? do you ask a stranger for a hug? do you run around outside like a crazy person? do you cut your hair? do you turn off the lights? do you watch a movie or read a book?

i should have asked you to come over.

a little pond and a little sky


i watched the sky skim the skin of the water as it stretched from land to limb.

the clouds pulled at the water’s wrinkles but the pond did not give way.

instead it swallowed the sun with an open emerald mouth and began to glow as the stars plucked themselves from their navy beds.

the pond would become night, and night would become the pond.

they would age each day and offer up the sun and moon in return for eternal companionship.


they would flourish together.